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    Most organizations do not have a handle on the true spend for print-related expenses. In fact, Gartner Group maintains that the average company’s expense for an unmanaged fleet is between 3% and 6% of their overall revenues! That sounds unbelievable, but it is a proven fact based on the Gartner Group and InfoTrend/CapVentures studies.

    A small savings could have a big impact on your bottom line.

    The probable situation

    • Many companies do not have a method for print-related activity management. Therefore, the result is excessive costs incurred for additional footprints, supplies, maintenance, and desktop support.
    • If asked, most IT departments would love to be disassociated with the printer fleets. They are committed to IS projects, network issues, information access problems, etc…that are high on their radar. Printing issues, maintenance problems and supplies tend to pop up unexpectedly and to the client affected, become a high priority. 25% of help desk calls are printer associated!
    • Management often does not realize just how many devices are being utilized; there may actually be up to ten times the number needed for optimum performance.
    • The failure to optimize the network infrastructure and manage printed output also adds to the overall expense with lost employee productivity.

    Your solution is KKC, Inc’s Platinum Print Management (PPM)

    Our professionals will assist your company with understanding the true cost associated with printed output, and develop with you a cost reduction strategy based on “Best Practices”. By applying PPM and executing the program correctly, we can assist with lowering overall related costs as much as 40%.

    Allow us to manage your fleet, it is our core competency. We provide everything necessary for a complete turn key system including a mini printer help desk that puts KKC, Inc. at the front line with your internal clients, as well as keeping your IT department involved in their critical projects without printer related interruptions. We provide supplies, preventative maintenance, semi annual cleanings, and outstanding service for your fleet of devices at an economical, cost saving, cost per page.

    Our system will allow many benefits that will bring printing to a managed business process.

    • Reduce overall costs by establishing parameters.
    • Optimize procurement pricing, by eliminating spending mysteries.
    • Create a standard for enterprise equipment. KKC, Inc. will recommend the correct device when replacement is needed, add it to the fleet, and remove the device that is being replaced. We can install the device and load the drivers, thus making upgrades a turn key process as well.
    • With our software executing reporting and device tracking, our client review process is streamlined. We will have a comprehensive report for you quarterly, as well as a monthly statement that outlines each device on the network, the impressions processed, and the total cost associated with each. During the quarterly review, we will consult on any cost effective changes we have recognized, review the performance of the fleet, report on our response, and repair, record, offer suggestions related to productivity and cost reduction strategies.
    • The software can be placed on local devices as well, allowing your company access to all information for all devices on your network.

    Call us today and arrange a time to meet, without obligation, with one of our professional consultants. Their goal will be to fully understand the detail necessary for your company’s business, workflows, critical information, corporate initiatives, and any and all guidelines. The solution is designed and customized as much as possible, for your individual company needs.